JBL CristalProfi 100 % improved

They all can filter water, but what about cleaning? With external filters the pre-filters are decisive because they prevent the filter materials beneath from clogging and ensure less work by prolonging their service life.

The JBL development department had the clever idea of increasing the pre-filter surface by 100%. The upper filter basket has been redesigned and instead of 2 smaller pre-filters the total surface, apart from the pump intake section, serves now as pre-filter! This large new pre-filter is a boon for every aquarium owner because this means less work and it doesn’t lower the filter performance as fast, even with heavy soiling. Of course the pre-filter material has retained the T-profile shape which provides 50 % more surface area than conventional filter mats. The new construction means the post-filtering has also been doubled.

The new JBL external filter range CristalProfi e402, 702, 902, 1502 and 1902 means perfect water with less work for every aquarium enthusiast. What more could you ask for?

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