Why Summer is Not Winter

Have you ever wondered why you need to feed your koi with special summer food?

In summer there are two special situations: Firstly the water temperature sometimes increases to critical ranges (30°C). This then results in a reduced oxygen level of the water. At 10 °C water temperature a koi needs 45 mg oxygen per kg fish weight and hour. With 20 °C the oxygen requirement doubles and during feeding it rises up to 500 mg oxygen per kg fish and hour!

That’s why it is very important not only to have a good oxygen saturation in summer, but also the right food. JBL ProPond Summer offers your pond fish the perfect protein/fat ratio of 4:1 for water temperatures between 20 and 30 °C (in winter 2:1 is the right ratio), on a salmon, shrimps, corn and gammarus basis.

The fish is able to utilise the high-quality food better and this reduces the amount of excretion. The animals need less energy for the digestion of the premium food and you save more food per fish.

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