Over the counter sales of the vermifuge Praziquantel are no longer possible

JBL info: on Dec 29, 2017 JBL will deliver the two medications JBL Gyrodol Plus & JBL GyroPond Plus with the active substance Praziquantel for the last time in Germany. Following a change in legislation specialist dealers will be allowed to sell off medications with this anti-worm agent until Feb 28, 2018. Afterwards the over the counter sale of the active substance Praziquantel will cease and medications containing Praziquantel may no longer be kept in stock.

Veterinarians are allowed to continue prescribing this active agent. Praziquantel is used to combat tapeworms (Cestoda), flatworms (Trematoda), gill flukes (Trematoda) and skin flukes (Trematoda). As an alternative product JBL Aradol Plus is suitable for combatting gill and skin flukes (Dactylogyrus & Gyrodactylus). The new JBL planaria trap (PlaCollect) will help combat flatworms without medication. At present only prescription products from veterinarians are available to combat tapeworms and trematodes.

The end of the over the counter sale affects Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania and Sweden.

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