The First JBL Aquarium Manual is in the Making

In May 2018 the first JBL Aquarium Manual with 200 pages will be available. As well as including the completely new JBL website content, which now has over 500 pages, the manual will be a help for all hobby aquarists.

All the subjects which could previously be found in small brochures for those concerned and some other important topics have been completely and scientifically updated and are now available in one manual. Totally new are the JBL themed aquariums, which will help beginners to get a foothold in this hobby. Using films (website only), photos and articles our examples will show you how to set up the equipment, which costs will arise and what maintenance can be expected. The new JBL LED concept will be included, too.

The last part of the manual contains a catalogue which describes all the JBL aquarium products in words and pictures, as well as an index of the most important spare parts.

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