New JBL Oxygen Test With Red Instead Of Beige

New scientific findings need to be taken advantage of. The JBL research and development department has greatly increased the accuracy of their test by using a third reagent and it is now much simpler and clearer to read with its new orange and red tones instead of the old beige tones. The JBL O2 test quickly and accurately indicates oxygen values between >0.2 und 10 mg/l. The new test has “NEW FORMULA” added to its name to distinguish it from the old one. If you use the new JBL O2 refill reagents (3 reagents instead of the previous 2) you’ll also need the corresponding new colour chart with red tones instead of beige tones to compare the colours.

Why do you need to test oxygen? High water pollution causes the bacterial degradation in the water to increase dramatically and this in turn means the bacteria consume more oxygen. The oxygen level can then drop to dangerous ranges (< 4 mg/l). The main causes for oxygen problems are decaying algae, excessive feeding, overstocking of fish and not enough water surface movement (aeration). The warmer the water, the less oxygen content it has. This is why it’s especially important to monitor the aeration in summer. In heavily planted aquariums O2 problems may occur during the dark phase at night when the plants consume oxygen. Aeration at night is highly recommended for heavily planted aquariums! The oxygen concentration is a really important factor which needs to be monitored continuously.

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