JBL Japan Expedition 2019 with extra days in the jungle and at the coral reef

Popular demand has lead JBL to expand their program for the JBL Expedition. On arriving in Tokyo there’ll be a city tour, and then we’ll head on to Nikko, where we will visit some cultural sights and go snorkelling in a clear mountain stream. In the Niigata Prefecture, the team will visit the region's famous koi breeders, to whom JBL has good connections. The koi breeders will be on hand to answer the team‘s questions and we are also planning to carry out water tests in the tanks of the pricey koi. After a ride on the high-speed train Shinkansen back to Tokyo, the whole team will fly to the Ryukyu Island Ishigaki, leading us 2000 km to the south, which is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. We have marine water tests and behavioral observations at a cleaning station for manta rays on the program for the snorkelers and divers alike. Our stay here has been extended to three days. While 16 participants of the entire team go diving and snorkeling, the other half of the 32-person team will be on the neighboring islands Iriomote. A crystal clear river that leads from the mangroves deep into the jungle will serve as the focus of our research as we document the transition from seawater to brackish water and finally to freshwater. Here, too, our stay will be extended for three days to allow us to search for rare animals such as the palm thief and to have more time to observe mudskippers, puffer fish, moonyfish and a large number of lizards, snakes and spiders in the pristine rainforest. After three days the teams will swap islands, before returning via Tokyo to the home countries of the participants. Start is October 17, 2019 to Tokyo and on October 30, 2019 the whole team will arrive in Frankfurt (or another home airport). The travel price will be around 4500, - €. At the moment 28 persons have registered and therefore 4 places are still available. However, first-time applicants have priority over the 7 repeaters who have registered at the moment. Registration deadline is November 15, 2018.

Many photos and details of the JBL Japan Expedition 2019 can be found here: https://www.jbl.de/en/expedition-2019/detail/22/expedition-japan-2019 Japan Expedition

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