New JBL digital thermometer - with or without alarm

Normal aquarium thermometers are accurate, but can only be read at a certain angle and without glasses, which can make them a little inconvenient. The new JBL digital thermometers make everything easier: Clear digits indicate the water temperature in 0.1 °C steps and can easily be fixed from the outside to the aquarium glass (the thickness does not matter) with Velcro without a separate temperature sensor. A metal contact to the glass transmits the water temperature and indicates exactly to +/- 1 °C. The JBL Aquarium Thermometer DigiScan displays all temperatures between 0 and 40 °C in 2 cm digits. The JBL Aquarium Thermometer DigiScan Alarm also displays the set temperature range, outside which a flashing alarm indicates that the temperature is above or below this limit.

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