Snake farm advises JBL on Namibia expedition

Jürgen Hergert, who runs the snake farm in the Nordharz, was lucky to survive three deadly poisonous snake bites which resulted in cardiac arrest and all its associated complications. Milking poisonous snakes to produce serum is not without its dangers. He’s just the right person to help JBL plan an expedition to the country where he lived for 19 years before he founded the snake farm in Schladen. He knows local Himba tribes and knows where the expedition members will find lizards or snakes, which sand tracks are passable and where the jeeps can get stuck. JBL is planning a 14-day expedition to Namibia and Zambia in 2022. Jürgen Hergert and his team visited JBL in Neuhofen and together with Heiko Blessin from JBL, will lead the expedition. As soon as the route has been determined and details clarified, JBL will officially announce the Namibia-Zambia expedition. But before that we are going to Colombia in 2021 with the cichlid expert, Dr. Wolfgang Staeck. This JBL expedition will be announced before the year ends.

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