The Master School of Aquarium Design: Workshop with 750 Litres and 36 Hands

Have you ever worked 750 litres with 36 hands? We have. Last weekend our 4th Master School of Aquarium Design at the Tierwelt exhibition in Magdeburg was once again a great success, leaving everyone happy. Armed with JBL equipment and tools and a lot of beautiful colourful Tropica plants, the 12 students worked on six Juwel aquariums and learned the craft of aquarium design from an aesthetic and natural point of view. Six renowned masters of aquarium design, so-called aquascapers, took twelve newcomers by the hand and introduced them to the subject in a free eight-hour intensive workshop.

Spectators flocked to the activity area for the entire period of the active setup phase. These included a lot of families with children and beginner aquarists, who practiced gluing and binding plants to woods and coconut shells at an additional "craft table" and were allowed to take a piece of "aquascape" home with them. Matthias Wiesensee, Online Marketing Manager at JBL and organiser of the Master School, emphasised that this event was a hands on example of how to promote aquatics for the next generation and that future events were to follow. Next year, this cooperation of three business partners (Juwel, Tropica, JBL) will result in the 5th Master School of Aquarium Design and there will be something very special for the anniversary. Watch this space!

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