New JBL Cooler: Cross-Flow Fans Are Simply Better

JBL is launching a new generation of fans to cool your aquarium. The new JBL ProTemp Coolers are smoother running cross-flow fans, which send a wide and even air flow over the water surface and use evaporative cooling to lower the water temperature by up to 4 °C. In marine aquariums especially it’s important to avoid the critical 30 °C mark in summer. With the help of a control unit, the  JBL PROTEMP CoolControl , you can set your ideal temperature and the fan will start and switch itself off again when it reaches this temperature. The JBL Cooler can rotate 360 ° and has a fully adjustable air flow direction.

The fans are available in 2 sizes: JBL PROTEMP Cooler x200 with 3 W and a 18 cm width, for 60-200 l, and JBL PROTEMP Cooler x300 with 4 W and 27 cm width, for 90-300 l.

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