JBL Koi Food Without Colour For Colour

Research sometimes means throwing existing knowledge overboard and following new findings. In the case of pond food, it appears that many pond enthusiasts like to buy colourful food, but the food colouring needed for it can lead to water colouring when feeding intensively.

The JBL research and development department has drawn the consequences and is now gradually converting all its JBL koi and pond feeds to avoid the use of food colouring. The food looks a little less colourful, but has the advantage that even with very intensive feeding no more water colouring will occur. In a test phase from late 2018 to early 2019, koi specialists in France and Germany extensively and critically tested the new JBL koi food in their Koi basins. The results of all the testers were 100% identical, and enthusiastic. The growth of the koi, their colour formation and health stability were excellent and unaffected by the omission of the food colouring. By the way, the colour promotion in Koi is triggered by the very high-quality astaxanthin, which is still an ingredient of the food. This natural carotene from krill has no effect on water colouring. With this step, JBL is pleased to have once again made pond and koi care a little more professional. For the new food composition look for the stickers on the bags.

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