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JBL bringt neue Reptilien-Vitamine und Mineralien

Passend zum neuen Schildkrötenfutter hat sich die JBL Forschungs- und Entwicklungsabteilung intensiv mit der artgerechten Futter- und Mineralergänzung für Reptilien beschäftigt. Beispielsweise darf der Vitamin A Gehalt bestimmte Grenzen nicht übersteigen.

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JBL Expedition Peru mit Regenbogenbergen per Motorrad

Wollten Sie immer schon einmal mit dem Motorrad durch die Anden fahren und sich das einmalige Naturschauspiel der Regenbogenberge im höchsten Gebirgszug Südamerikas ansehen?

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JBL answers your requests: what would you like to see on JBL TV?

JBL TV is the most successful series made by a manufacturer of aquatics, terraristics and pond sector products. Up to 100,000 end consumers use the educational films...

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Wussten Sie schon: Dass UV-C Wasserklärer Kalkmäntel bilden und dann nicht mehr funktionieren?

Wer seinen UV-C Wasserklärer irgendwann einmal öffnet, weil er in seiner Wirkung dramatisch nachgelassen hat, wird vermutlich etwas überrascht sein, dass die Glasröhre, in der sich der UV-C Brenner befindet, komplett von einer Kalkschicht bedeckt ist.

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2,500 turtles vote for JBL

Turtle Island in Graz is the world's largest turtle institution with its 2,500 reptiles coming from 140 species. Chief biologist, Dr. Peter Praschag, was enthusiastic about the planned JBL PROTERRA turtle food range and had "his" turtles try all nine types of food before the launch in December

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JBL Expedition South Seas with first evidence in the region

Normal divers don't even notice the small, somewhat inconspicuous damselfish. It is just one of thousands of Pomacentridae that live in the coral reefs of the South Seas. But aquarists and marine biologists only notice the sharks and manta rays in passing …

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JBL Expedition to see discus in Peru

In September 2025 the JBL Expedition #20 will set off for the Andes and the jungle of Peru. Apply on the JBL homepage ( to go with the JBL research team.

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JBL koi feeding in autumn - get your koi fit for the winter

Autumn has only one thing in common with spring and it’s the water temperature! The koi have completely different demands on their food AFTER hibernation in spring and BEFORE hibernation in autumn.

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JBL shows aquarium owners how to save energy

JBL has created a separate section on the JBL website for this number one topic in the aquarium scene and is making this content available to the specialist trade as a free brochure. In addition, episode 49 of the JBL TV series on YouTube also deals with this fascinating topic.

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JBL external filters now have hose size specifications

Following numerous requests and suggestions, JBL now displays the tube sizes listed in the filter data table on the outside of our packaging.

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JBL does Hollywood

An entire show house, a six-person film crew, a film family and a beautifully set up aquarium - these were the ingredients for the new JBL short film about the JBL PRONOVO food range.

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The end of an era - JBL sells off its last lighting tubes

JBL SOLAR fluorescent tubes were great with their sun-like full spectrum and reduced energy consumption. But LED technology continued to improve, bringing a higher light output with even less power consumption.

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The next JBL generation is born

On June 26, 2023, Managing Director Stella Kaltenmeier-Böhme and her husband welcomed a baby son to the world! Mother and baby are doing well and our first interview with the child has revealed that he is sure to follow in her footsteps at JBL! The whole JBL team shares their boss’s joy at the healthy baby! During Stella's maternity leave, her father...

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JBL Team on the starting blocks in Hockenheim

They weren’t in a car or on a motorbike, the JBL employees were on foot as they circled the 4.8 km course, cheered on by their Managing Director, Stella Kaltenmeier-Böhme.

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JBL Expedition South Seas 1: Results are reassuring

These days on this planet it hardly matters which coral reefs you go to see: coral bleaching and other reef destruction is sadly the norm. So it’s absolutely good news to hear that the atoll reefs in French Polynesia are completely healthy!

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The JBL food advisor is available for everyone 365 days a year

What does a neon tetra or a gourami eat? Do kissing gouramis only eat plankton? It’s hard to find a question about ornamental fish nutrition that goes unanswered in JBL's online food advisor.

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Finally - holiday time for the aquarium

Holidays can be a problem for many pets - but not for aquarium inhabitants! An aquarium can get along perfectly well for a few days or even weeks without much care. Malicious tongues claim it’s when it recovers from the keeper.

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JBL TV Guide for Aquarists

If you find thrillers boring and can already sing along with the countless repeats of the feature films on television, you’ll find some entertaining and informative alternatives on JBL TV.

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JBL makes sustainability its top priority

Along with product quality, sustainability issues are a top priority at JBL. The JBL management and the JBL team are not the only ones who care about the issue

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JBL PRONOVO BEL GRANO S finally in 1000 ml

Pet shops, breeders and fish wholesalers are enthusiastic about the new JBL PRONOVO BEL GRANO in mini size S, but not about the tin size. 100 ml is the ideal container size for most aquarists, but some people need more and therefore also want a larger tin!

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