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Now also for thick aquarium hoses: JBL double stopcock + quick coupling 19/25

If you want to quickly disconnect your aquarium hoses to carry the filter into the bathroom for cleaning or to service the UV-C water clarifier you’ll greatly appreciate the advantages of a quick-release coupling in the hose connections.

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JBL expands PROFLORA CO2 diffuser range TAIFUN

The small and beautifully shaped CO2 glass diffuser JBL PROFLORA CO2 TAIFUN GLASS MIDI has been extended with a bigger brother and a smaller brother.

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JBL Expedition 2 - Back from Colombia with new research results

It was not just a second expedition to the same destination to give even more applicants the opportunity to participate in a JBL aquaristic research expedition, it was also ...

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JBL launches practical ballast for terrarium metal-halide lamps

Until now, each wattage (35, 50 and 70 W) of metal-halide lamps (HQI, LUW) required its own ballast to exactly match the wattage. The new JBL TempSet Unit L-U-W Multi can be used with all three wattages

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Water testing in autumn to help combat algae in summer!

Most pond owners unfortunately only test their water when a problem occurs. When the pond turns green in summer (floating algae) or thread algae grow excessively, they follow the recommendation of specialists to test the nutrients that triggered the algae growth.

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JBL Colombia Expedition: All results, 330 photos and 15 videos on the JBL Website

The many, sometimes surprising, results made the reports on the JBL website the most extensive of all our 16 JBL expeditions to date.

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The Neuhofen fire brigade does a practice drill at JBL

This week we welcomed the Neuhofen volunteer fire brigade to our premises for a practice drill under the codeword "BMA JBL”.

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JBL automatic feeder now fits PRONOVO

Due to their different dimensions the new, environmentally friendly JBL PRONOVO food tubs required an adapter for the popular JBL automatic feeder AUTOFOOD.

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For environmental reasons JBL no longer sells mangrove roots

As mangrove roots are not a "sustainable cultivation", JBL is to remove mangrove roots from its range.

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JBL fish nutrition brochure

(Almost) everyone knows how basic and yet how complicated issues about the human diet can be and it’s no different for fish!

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JBL PRONOVO - 65 new food varieties

JBL's slogan "Ahead through research" is no coincidence: Observations and scientific investigations on JBL expeditions and in the JBL research laboratory have produced so many new findings over the years that a new food line was born: JBL PRONOVO!

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JBL CO2 systems without cylinders - the smart solution

There are many aquarium owners who would like to use CO2 to promote the growth of their aquarium plants, but for various reasons only need a set without a CO2 storage cylinder.

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JBL Expedition South Seas with an extra bonus

On May 23, 2023, the 18th JBL expedition will start under sail with the catamaran Aquatiki III to remote destinations in French Polynesia. After consultation with JBL, the itinerary has been extended to include a very special destination near the Fakarava archipelago, which consists of 41 islands:

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JBL LED Control - new app with moonlight, geo sunrise and sunset and realistic thunderstorms

JBL has enhanced the successful LED control computer (JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL) with a new app that can do so much more than the previous app.

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JBL expedition returns from the Colombian rainforest with some surprising results

"The cardinal tetra is not a schooling fish and the altum angelfish lives between boulders" would be the short version of the observations made in several blackwater biotopes and documented by the 34-member team in the lowlands of Colombia! But that’s not all:

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JBL again supporting the reforestation of Caribbean reefs

Thanks in part to JBL's financial support, the CRF (Coral Restoration Foundation) in Florida was able to carry out the largest coral planting campaign in history in June 2021.

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JBL Expedition 2023: The lesser known beauties of the South Seas!

Why go to Tahiti, Fiji or Bora Bora when there are regions in French Polynesia that are completely free of tourists and biologically intact? The 78 atolls of the Tuamotu archipelago are the destination for our 18th JBL research expedition

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The all-new JBL app for water testing via smartphone!

There are very few products without competitors. But worldwide there is nothing comparable to JBL PROSCAN!

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New Bio-CO2 products from JBL

Owners of small aquariums (10-40 l) have the chance to see their aquarium plants growing stronger, faster and more beautiful, almost jumping out of the tank for joy when CO2 is added, and all without great expense. A small aquarium doesn’t need a large CO2 system. That’s why we’ve developed the new JBL PROFLORA CO2 STARTER BIO SET.

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JBL Expedition Colombia 2022 takes place

Due to the corona situation the JBL expedition to Colombia planned for 2021 was postponed to February 2022. As there were over 200 applications from all over the world, JBL decided to carry out this expedition twice.

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If you have any questions about press releases or if you would like to be included in the press distribution list, please contact our marketing manager.

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