JBL manufactures all food, care and remedy products, as well as water tests in its own plant in Neuhofen/Pfalz. Only the manufacturing of technical products has been outsourced, but the assembly and the function control are again carried out in the Neuhofen plant.

Animal feed

The food area is divided into flakes, granulated food and food tablets. For each type of food JBL has its own machine. The four meter long flaker roll weighs 15,000 kg and runs 24 hours a day. For the production of granulated food an extruder is used, which processes the fed mash into an “endless sausage” of the desired thickness and then cuts it into layers. That way granules can be produced in all thicknesses, shapes and combinations of ingredients. After the production the different flakes and granules are mixed in with the respective food type and filled into the tins. Food tablets, on the other hand, are mechanically compacted in separate machines. This is done by purely mechanical means to enable us to manage without any binding agents and fillers.

Care products

Liquid care products are prepared in 500 or 1000 l containers, then filled into bottles, sealed and labelled on the liquids filling line. For JBL Denitrol, JBL FilterStart and JBL BactoPond every precaution is taken to prevent any bacterial contaminations in the products, including those caused by airborne transport. The quality of products containing living bacterial cultures essentially depends on the purity of the product. The minute foreign bacteria contaminate the cultures, the products stop working effectively. Dedicated rooms have been set up for remedies with especially high demands placed on them. The control of the ingredients takes place before, during and after production. Many JBL products are manually packed. This includes such products as water tests, CO2 systems and test kits.

Technical products

Accessory products