JBL Start Solar
Starter for T8 fluorescent tubes

  • Starter to turn on fluorescent tubes in aquariums/terrariums
  • Easy to fit: put the starter with half a turn into the socket until it snaps into place
  • Suitable for the individual operation of fluorescent tubes with T8 socket. Not suitable for fluorescent tubes switched in tandem
  • Suitable for fluorescent tubes from 4 to 80 watts
  • Package contents: starter for fluorescent tubes (2 pcs.), StartSolar, suitable for fluorescent bulbs T8 Ø 2.6 cm
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Product information

Light as energy source
Plants provide the aquarium with the oxygen vital for the aquarium dwellers. Plants prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens. The right full spectrum light is necessary to achieve full photosynthesis.

Easy to fit
Put the starter with half a turn into the socket until it snaps into place.

For fluorescent tubes from 4 to 80 watts
The starter is suitable for individual operation with T8 socket. The starter is not suitable for fluorescent tubes switched in tandem.


JBL StartSolar (2 pcs.) for T8

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
Volume packaging:
0.270 l
Gross weight:
21.000 g
Net weight:
14 g
Weight factor:
20/140/96 mm

Technical Data

JBL Solar tubes: My two new tubes don't "glow". Is that due to a production error?

We can exclude the possibility of a production error. If a light doesn't turn on, that is an unfortunate exception.
If you have a light bar with conventional electronic ballasts, I would recommend changing the starters once to see if they are causing the problem. Does the defective tube glow when you change the tubes on the light bar ? And the other one doesn't ? Then there is a defect in the light bar.

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Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium

The JBL plant care concept leads to vigorous and healthy growth even with the most demanding aquatic plants. JBL has all the components you need, whether it’s a fertiliser, a bottom substrate or a fully automatic CO2 fertiliser system.

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safety instructions

  • safety instruction for accessories
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