JBL ProSilent TekAir
Air-driven internal filter for aquariums up to 80 l

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CristalProfi m greenline
  • Clear and healthy water in small aquariums for young fry or shrimps
  • Easy to use: connect to air pump (not included), place in the aquarium
  • Easy to dismantle and to clean
  • No tipping over of filter: heavy stand
  • Package contents: internal filter for aquariums up to 80 l, ProSilent TekAir
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Product information

Clear and healthy water
Good water quality is necessary to ensure the health of fish and plants in the aquarium. This can be achieved with various aquarium filters.

High biological breakdown performance
The filter system is especially suited for aquariums with fry and shrimps. The animals find their food on the filter and there is no risk of them being sucked into the filter. The slow water flow promotes a high level of biological breakdown. The T-shaped filter material provides a large surface for cleansing bacteria and a long service life with good water flow.

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JBL ProSilent TekAir

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
Volume packaging:
1.340 l
Gross weight:
101.000 g
Net weight:
60 g
Weight factor:
85/185/85 mm

Technical Data

The airstone of JBL TekAir or of JBL CristalProfi i40 gets clogged after a few months.

The clogging of the airstone can happen with middle hard and hard chalky water. We recommend you put the airstone into JBL pH-Minus for a few hours. The airstone is also available as a spare part with the Art.No. 6141500.

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Deficiency symptoms

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safety instructions

  • safety instruction for technical devices
    18 kByte
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