JBL Aqua-T Triumph
Glass pane cleaner with spare blades and rubber scraper

  • Effortless removal of stubborn deposits on the aquarium pane: glass pane cleaner with stainless steel blade and rubber scraper (= protective cap)
  • Comfortable grip thanks to wide blade: 14 cm
  • Safe: rubber scraper serves as protection cap, no damage to the aquarium’s silicon seal
  • Spare blades available separately
  • Package contents: glass pane cleaner with spare blades and rubber scraper, Aqua-T Triumph
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Maintenance and cleaning
Food and plant remains and metabolic products pollute the aquarium water. By cleaning the tank and accessories and by enacting regular partial water changes, the aquarium inhabitants will stay happy and you will enjoy your aquarium more too.

Effortless removal of persistent deposits
The JBL glass pane cleaner Aqua-T Triumph enables an easy removal of stubborn algae on the aquarium panes. The silicon seal of the aquarium cannot be damaged thanks to the small distance between the blade and the grip of the cleaner. Aqua-T Triumph is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums. The protective cap prevents injuries when not in use and also serves as rubber scraper for cleaning the outside of the aquarium pane.

JBL Aqua-T Triumph spare blades
Thanks to the Aqua-T Triumph’s wide blade it is possible to clean large surfaces effectively and quickly. Its protective cap prevents injuries when not in use and also serves as a rubber scraper for cleaning the outside of the aquarium pane.


JBL Aqua-T Triumph

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
140 mm
Volume packaging:
0.440 l
Gross weight:
163.000 g
Net weight:
150 g
Weight factor:
30/265/160 mm
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