JBL Silicone hose
Semi-transparent air hose for aquariums, rolled on reel

  • Aquarium hose for various purposes such as air supply etc.
  • Semi-transparent hose made of silicone-like material, free of heavy metals
  • Extremely long service life and very flexible
  • Diameter: 4/6 mm (internal and external diameter)
  • Contents: 1 cardboard reel with 100 m rolled up hose (no kinks). Semi-transparent colour.
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Product information

Hoses for the aquarium
The operation of an aquarium frequently requires the use of different hoses. JBL provides aquarium hoses in premium quality and in different sizes and colours.

Premium quality
The JBL water hose is free of heavy metals. It is made of food-safe, high-quality material.


JBL silicone hose 4/6, per 1 m

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
4/6 mm
100 m
Volume packaging:
0.040 l
Gross weight:
20.000 g
Net weight:
20 g
Weight factor:
6/6/1000 mm
How can I remove the hose from the device?

At first the air hoses and special CO2 hoses can easily be pushed on the connection piece. The hoses harden more and more as the months go on and can only be removed from the connection piece using great force. If you pull the hose hard it will only strain the connection, which could, in the worst case, even break off. Instead cut the hoses you want to remove laterally at the ends and carefully remove them. For this it’s always advisable to install hoses with some reserve in its hose length.


safety instructions

  • safety instruction for accessories
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