JBL suction holder with hole, 5&6 mm
Rubber suction cups for objects 6-7 mm in diameter

  • Rubber suction cups to fix thermometers in aquariums and terrariums
  • Firm hold: thermometer does not slip, thermometer remains easy to read
  • Black rubber suction holders, suitable for all objects 6 mm in diameter, e.g. thermometer, air hose
  • Easy to attach: put the object through the closed suction holder and attach it with the suction pad to the aquarium/terrarium
  • Contents: 1 pack suction cups (2 pcs.). Ø 0.5 cm
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Product information

Fixing of objects in the aquarium
With the JBL rubber suction holders you can fix easily and secure objects such as thermometers in the aquarium.

Easy attachment
Press object into the clip and place it at the desired place.


JBL suction holder with hole, 5&6 mm

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
For Ø:
6-7 mm
Volume packaging:
0.300 l
Gross weight:
14.000 g
Net weight:
4 g
Weight factor:
25/140/96 mm
A whitish, fluffy film forms on the suction cups. What is that ?

This is a colonisation of harmless fungi which settle on the pieces of plastic. They will disappear on their own after a while.

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