JBL Aeras TekAir/CP i40
Spare air stone

  • Replaces the air stone inside the JBL TekAir/JBL CristalProfi i 40 internal filter which cannot be seen from the outside.
  • The advantage of this air stone is that the air current producing the water flow by small air bubbles is quieter and more effective.
  • The dimensions of the air stone are particularly small so that it cannot simply be replaced by another air stone (L 21 mm x W 12 mm; connection 5 mm inside diameter).
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Product information
  • Can be used as replacement part in any JBL CristalProfi i filter or to supplement an extension.
  • Extending the system by one module significantly prolongs service life and increases cleaning capacity of filter.
  • Set contains:
  • Filter basket module
  • Bio filter foam 25 ppi
  • Inner pipe

Spare airstone JBL Aeras for TekAir/CP i40, 2x

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
2 Pieces
Volume packaging:
0.020 l
Gross weight:
10.000 g
Net weight:
8 g
Weight factor:
20/100/100 -
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