JBL CristalProfi i40 *
Air-driven internal filter with hose and air pump for tanks with fry or shrimps

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ProSilent TekAir , ProAir a50
  • Clear and healthy water for fry or shrimps in small aquariums with 10 – 40 litres (30 – 50 cm): air-driven internal filter with hose and air pump
  • Easy to use, complete filter is ready to be installed: connect air hose with filter and air pump, put on outlet pipe, place at the bottom of aquarium. Connect air pump with power supply
  • Air pump 80 l/h with replacement diaphragm. T-shaped filter cartridge: doubled surface and long service life with good water flow
  • No tipping over of filter: heavy stand. Slow water flow: high biological breakdown performance. Pore structure creates good opportunities for cleansing bacteria to settle. Extendable through filter modules
  • Package contents: 1 x air-driven internal filter, Cristal Profi i40, 60900, incl. air pump, 2 m hose and replacement diaphragm, height: 18 cm
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Product information

Clean and healthy water
Good water quality is necessary to ensure the health of fish and plants in aquariums. This can be achieved with various aquarium filters. Air is directed through the air hose into the CristalProfi i40 filter. After entering the air rises upwards, the water follows and flows through the foam pad to become mechanically and biologically cleaned. The fine air stone in the base of the filter creates very small air bubbles which flow a lot more quietly than bigger ones.

Easy to install
Rinse the foam pad under lukewarm water at the beginning and squeeze well. Activate foam pad with bacteria. Put air hose on air connection and place at arbitrary place in the aquarium. Connect hose with air pump. Install air pump at a dry and dust free place above the water level.

High biological degradation performance
The filter system is especially suited for aquariums with fry and shrimps. The animals find their food on the filter and there is no risk of them being sucked into the filter. The slow water flow promotes a high level of biological breakdown. The T-shaped filter material provides a large surface for cleansing bacteria and a long service life with good water flow.

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JBL CristalProfi i40 *

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
3 W
Volume packaging:
2.970 l
Gross weight:
680.000 g
Net weight:
590 g
Weight factor:
115/183/142 mm

Technical Data

JBL CristalProfi i40: The filter motor is simply too loud – isn't there a setting or another way to make it quieter ?

In principle, our JBL ProSilent S air pumps are designed as quiet pumps, but you will always have natural vibration due to the magnet in a diaphragm pump.

The airstone of JBL TekAir or of JBL CristalProfi i40 gets clogged after a few months.

The clogging of the airstone can happen with middle hard and hard chalky water. We recommend you put the airstone into JBL pH-Minus for a few hours. The airstone is also available as a spare part with the Art.No. 6141500.

I have green water in my aquarium, and even water changes and changing the filter media only helps for a short time.

Green water means floating algae, which grow when they have no competition from other plants and, even more, when the excrement of the fish creates excessive nutrient pollution in the water. The filter will not be able to do much about this. Ultimately, there are only two possibilities:

1. Carry out significantly more water changes in order to remove the nutrients caused by fish excrement.

2. A JBL AquaCristal UVC clarifier kills off the floating algae.

A temporary measure is to switch off the light for 2-3 days in order to stop photosynthesis in the algae.

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