JBL Aqua In-Out water jet pump
For a fast and easy water change in the aquarium

  • Just screw it on the water tap and connect it to the aquarium hose for the partial water change.
  • Water jet creates suction which siphons off the water from the aquarium.
  • Is connected to the hose which siphons off the water from the aquarium by means of a gravel cleaner.
  • Can be immediately switched from
  • Package contents: 1 water jet pump with hose connector for 12/16 mm hose
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The water jet pump makes changing the water child’s play. There is no longer a need for mouth suction since the water jet pump creates suction as soon as the water tap has been opened. This even works when the aquarium is positioned slightly HIGHER than the water tap. To refill the aquarium a tap at the water jet pump can be set to switch from “siphon off” to “refill”.


JBL Aqua In-Out water jet pump , 12/16mm

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
1 Pieces
Volume packaging:
1.500 l
Gross weight:
154.000 g
Net weight:
122 g
Weight factor:
55/218/124 -
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