Blade (2x) for JBL Floaty L/XL
Spare blades for Floaty Blade

  • Easy and effective cleaning of aquarium panes: blunt spare blades for Floaty Blade L and XL to tackle stubborn deposits
  • Easy to use: float the internal element on the water at the edge of the aquarium tank, the external element will draw the internal element. Direct the magnet from the outside. Clean glass pane with circular movements
  • No risk of injury because the blades are blunt
  • Suitable for Floaty Blade L and XL
  • Contents: 1 x spare blades for Floaty Blade, Blade 2 x (Floaty L/XL)
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Product information

Removal of stubborn deposits. The blunt inserts for Floaty Blade remove even stubborn deposits such as coralline alge easily and effectively from the aquarium pane.

Easy to replace
The inserts for Floaty Blade L and XL are easily replaced within seconds. The blunt blade means there is no risk of injury.

Floaty Blade
Floating algae magnet for thick glass panes.


Blade (2x) for JBL Floaty L/XL

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
67 mm
Volume packaging:
0.500 l
Gross weight:
38.000 g
Net weight:
20 g
Weight factor:
25/217/96 mm
Are the Floatys also suitable for bent aquarium panes?

The Floaty needs to rest completely on the surface to ensure an effective and powerful cleaning of the soiled areas. In the curves only the edges of the Floaty touch the surface, which makes the cleaning difficult. We recommend you use a cleaning glove (ProScape Cleaning Glove), a blade cleaner (Aqua T-Handy) or the glass pane cleaner Blanki.

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