JBL ActionAir Waving Panda
Ornament panda with air flow for aquariums

  • Ornament for aquariums: panda bear on rocks
  • Movement in the aquarium: the panda waves one arm with the bubble flow
  • Natural colouring of hand-painted figures
  • No deterioration of water quality: use of non-toxic and abrasion-resistant materials.
  • Package contents: 1 ornament for aquariums, ActionAir Waving Panda. Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 14 cm
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Product information

Adventure under Water
Transform your aquarium into an adventure aquarium and give your creativity free rein. Design your aquarium according to your wishes and add visual effects with figures moved by air flow effects. Experience nature with creativity.

Decoration with function
The aquarium decoration consists of non-toxic and abrasion-resistant materials and doesn’t affect the water quality. Safe for fish and plants The figures move with the bubble flow in the water.

Easy installation
The figures have an air connection where the air hose can easily be put on. A useful accessory might be an air regulator (JBL ProSilent Control) which can run several figures and is able to regulate the air supply precisely. This way the figures move up and down and turn as quickly as you want.

This product is unfortunately no longer available

JBL ActionAir Waving Panda

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
11x11x14 cm
Volume packaging:
3.800 l
Gross weight:
538.000 g
Net weight:
320 g
Weight factor:
130/185/160 mm
How can I remove the hose from the device?

At first the air hoses and special CO2 hoses can easily be pushed on the connection piece. The hoses harden more and more as the months go on and can only be removed from the connection piece using great force. If you pull the hose hard it will only strain the connection, which could, in the worst case, even break off. Instead cut the hoses you want to remove laterally at the ends and carefully remove them. For this it’s always advisable to install hoses with some reserve in its hose length.

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