JBL Fungol Plus 250
Remedy for fungal infection in aquarium fish

  • Treats fungal infestation: whitish, cotton ball-like films on body and fins
  • Treats fungal infestation in freshwater aquarium fish
  • The visible fungal infestation is often a secondary infection which often results from a skin injury. But often the primary causes are bacterial infections, which destroy the mucous membrane and the upper skin layers of the fish
  • JBL Online Hospital: gives you access to identify fish diseases
  • Content: 1 packet Fungol Plus 250. Dosage: component 1: 1st day 10 ml/80 l water. Add another full dose each on the 3rd + 5th day if necessary. Component 2: 7th day 10 ml/80 l.
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Healthy fish - healthy aquarium
Humans are not the only ones to have a comfort zone, fish can feel discomfort too. Transport is a common cause of stress for fish. Bad water values in the aquarium can be the reason for bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Medication for aquarium fish
Fungol Plus 250 is a medication for aquarium fish to treat external mycoses (fungal infections) caused by fungi of the Saprolegniaceae family. Whitish, cotton ball-like films which may appear on all of the external body parts are a sign of this kind of infection. Visible fungal infestation is very often a secondary infection, which may result from skin injuries, amongst other things. Just as often, though, a bacterial infection which destroys the mucous membrane and the upper skin layers of the fish is found to be the primary cause.

Prior to use, any activated carbon present in the filter must be removed and UV-C appliances and CO2 fertilisation must be switched off. 50 % of the water should be changed prior to use. The aquarium should be aerated using a diaphragm pump with an air stone during the treatment.


JBL Fungol Plus 250 200 ml

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
200 ml
750 l
Volume packaging:
0.530 l
Gross weight:
288.000 g
Net weight:
200 g
Weight factor:
65/135/60 mm
Can I use over-the-counter medications for ornamental fish in fish that will be used for human consumption later ?

No. As a rule, over-the-counter medications for ornamental fish may not be used in fish that are bred for human consumption.

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