JBL Hang On Aquarium Thermometer
Precision thermometer for hanging on 6 mm thick aquarium panes

  • Precise measurement and healthy fish: precision thermometer for hanging – temperature range: 0 – 40 °C.
  • Easy to fix: hang glass body over the aquarium pane.
  • Made in Germany: precision capillary. Elegant, curved glass body.
  • Length: 11.5 cm
  • Package contents: 1 precision thermometer, Hang-on aquarium thermometer L. Length: 11.5 cm
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Healthy fish and plants
Fish depend on the right ambient temperature because, being cold-blooded animals, they are not able to adjust their own body temperatures. The vital functions of cold-blooded animals decrease with falling temperatures. The right aquarium temperature is therefore very important to ensure the animals maintain their food intake and guarantee a smooth continuation of all metabolic processes.
Depending on the origin of the fish, the temperature they feel comfortable at, varies. With the practical JBL Hang-on aquarium thermometer you can monitor the temperature in the range of 0 - 40 °C.

Precise measurement
The thermometer with the precision capillary, made in Germany, has excellent measurement accuracy. Just hang it over the aquarium rim.


JBL Hang On aquarium thermometer L

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
For glass :
15 mm
Volume packaging:
0.150 l
Gross weight:
31.000 g
Net weight:
12 g
Weight factor:
7/218/96 mm
The JBL thermometer or the JBL aquarium thermometer is broken. It contains a red liquid. What does the red liquid consist of and is it toxic?

The thermometer doesn’t contain any mercury. The liquid contains an alcohol solution with colouring. It is non-toxic. Both ingredients are quickly broken down by the bacteria in the aquarium. Furthermore the diluting effect should be taken into consideration. The silvery pearls are an iron compound and are therefore harmless. Simply siphon them out of the aquarium.

Do the thermometer balls in the JBL thermometers contain mercury ?

No, they don’t contain mercury. Mercury has a melting point of -38,8°C and would be liquid at room temperature.

Neither does the liquid inside the display contain mercury.

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Laboratories and calculators

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safety instructions

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