JBL MotionDeco Medusa XL WHITE
Ornament jellyfish XL white: moving, for aquariums

  • Ornament for aquariums: gelatinous moving jellyfish reproduction
  • Movement in the aquarium: jellyfish are fastened to the bottom or to the glass pane with suctions cups and nylon straps. Moves with the water current
  • Ornament has a phosphorescent glow effect in the dark
  • No deterioration of water quality: non-toxic and water-neutral silicone
  • Package contents: 1 ornament for aquariums, MotionDeco Medusa XL White. Incl. suction cup and nylon strap. Length: 21 cm Ø 10 cm
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Product information

Adventure under Water
Transform your aquarium into an adventure aquarium and give your creativity free rein. Design your aquarium according to your wishes and add visual effects with figures moved by air flow effects. Experience nature with creativity.

Decoration with function
The aquarium decoration consists of non-toxic and water-neutral silicone and doesn’t affect the water quality. Safe for fish and plants. The figures move in the water with the bubble flow.

Easy to install
The ornaments are fastened to the bottom or to the glass pane with suction cups and nylon straps (everything is included and ready to install).


JBL MotionDeco Medusa XL WHITE

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
Volume packaging:
2.200 l
Gross weight:
86.000 g
Net weight:
18 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
110/185/110 mm
Why does my medusa sink to the bottom?

Curious fish may play by the float chamber, causing water to penetrate into the float chamber.

Remedial action: Take the medusa out of the aquarium, carefully press the float chamber together to remove the water. Then place the medusa back in the tank.

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