JBL SOLAR Control WiFi
WiFi control unit for JBL LED SOLAR lights, to be adjusted by app

available from 01.01.2019
  • For the single control of JBL LED SOLAR Natur or in combination with JBL LED SOLAR Effect. Biotope data, effects, lightning storm, sunrise and sunset to be controlled via WiFi by mobile
  • Simple operation: replace the existing IR receiver with the JBL WiFi Control and adjust the effects you want with the app
  • 5 programmes retrievable + additional programmes for manual entries (biotope South America & Africa, aquascaping plants, goldfish, community aquarium, each programme with acclimatisation setting)
  • Biotope data contain dry and wet season, cloudiness, lightning storm, as well as sunrise and sunset
  • Package contents: WiFi control unit to connect to the JBL LED SOLAR system for two light; the app you require is always free of charge
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Product information

With the remote control included in the JBL LED SOLAR Natur you have the opportunity to gradually dim the light and to choose between three colour temperatures.
As soon as you have complemented your JBL LED SOLAR Natur (ideally in combination with JBL LED SOLAR Effect) a new world of control will open up to you:
With the help of the JBL LED SOLAR WiFi Control you can load the biotope data from the Panatal (Southeast Brazil) or from the lake region of the East African Rift System (Malawi and Tanganyika). Your LEDs will then emulate the local climatic situations according to the seasons (incl. dry and wet season, lightning storms and cloudiness).
For a goldfish aquarium the light will especially highlight the beautiful colours and for a community aquarium a light can be set to show a tropical day with 10 h of sun, the right light for plants and vibrant colours for the fish. Lightning storm and cloudiness are created by a random generator. There is a light programme for fans of heavily planted aquariums (aquascaping) which resembles the programme for community aquariums but with a higher light intensity.
For every programme you can select the acclimatisation mode at the beginning to make it easier for your plants to adapt from the present lighting with fluorescent tubes to the significantly brighter light of the LEDs, without any problems.
You can, of course, select each programme without acclimatisation.
For all the programmes mentioned here there are 2 LED lamp types available for you: 1.) JBL LED SOLAR Natur and 2.) JBL LED SOLAR Effect. If you only run the JBL LED SOLAR Natur without the JBL LED SOLAR WiFi Control you can use all functions, such as lightning storms, cloudiness as well as sunrise or sunset, but without colour effects!


JBL SOLAR Control WiFi

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2.100 l
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177.000 g
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100 g
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55/170/223 mm

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