JBL Ektol fluid Plus 250
Remedy for mouth and fin rot in aquarium fish for 250 l

  • For mouth and fin rot and other external bacterial infections
  • For bacterial infestation in freshwater fish
  • Bacterial diseases are often exacerbated by bad water values. That’s why it is advisable to check the KH, pH, ammonium and nitrite values
  • JBL Online Hospital: gives you access to identify fish diseases
  • Package content: 1 pack Ektol fluid Plus. To use: 10 ml/50 l.
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Product information

    JBL Ektol fluid Plus 250 100 ml

    Art. no.:
    EAN Code:
    100 ml
    500 l
    Volume packaging:
    0.320 l
    Gross weight:
    137.000 g
    Net weight:
    100 g
    Weight factor:
    40/135/60 mm
    Laboratories and calculators

    Online Hospital

    Do you have ill fish and you don’t know what disease it is and how to treat it? Here you can diagnose diseases using photos or identification keys and you can find out where they come from and how to treat them. By showing you over 500 photos to identify and cure fish diseases, we enable you to find a diagnosis and solution.
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