JBL Reptil LED Daylight 12W
LED daylight lamp with full spectrum for terrariums

  • Energy-efficient LED daylight lamp without UV for illuminating terrariums and plants, with high colour rendering index CRI of 85
  • Simply screw into the E27 socket and switch on. Replace after 4 years
  • Sun-like spectrum (full spectum) with 5000 K colour temperature for perfect plant growth and beautiful animal colours
  • Add a heating mat for animals in need of UV with UVspotlights/L-U-W lamps or for heat-loving animals only
  • Package contents: 1 LED light 12 W with full spectrum daylight and 1520 lumen & PAR 102 µmol/m2/s light output
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The lighting of your terrarium depends on the light requirements of your animals:
- Do your animals need a lot or little light?
- Do your animals need UV radiation or not?
- Do your animals need a different temperature during the day than at night?
- How far away are your animals from the light source?

By answering these questions, you can decide which type of lamp and possibly additional heating mat your animals need. Lamps such as the JBL Reptile LED Daylight are ideal for illuminating terrariums with plants. If the animals require additional UV light, a JBL UV-Spot Plus or a JBL L-U-W lamp is additionally required. These also simultaneously produce heat. For animals not in need of UV light, such as many amphibians, the JBL Reptile LED Daylight is ideal and may, depending on the animal, need to be supplemented with heat-generating technology. For amphibians from colder regions simply omit the heat-generating technology.

The PAR value gives a general idea of how much radiation from the lamp can really be used by the plants for photosynthesis. PAR is the abbreviation for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. The value of over 100 PAR measured at a distance of 20 cm shows that the lamp promotes plant growth of terrarium plants very well.


JBL Reptil LED Daylight 12W

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
130 mm
65 mm
Volume packaging:
1.200 l
Gross weight:
96.500 g
Net weight:
58 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
75/216/75 mm

Technical Data

power output in Watt:12 W
Length:130 mm
diameter:65 mm
voltage:230 V


JBL LED technology now also for terrariums

Even though UV-producing LED technology is still in its infancy, energy-saving LED technology is ideally suited for illuminating terrariums without UV and for supplying plants with their ideal light.

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safety instructions

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