JBL aquarium thermometer
Aquarium thermometer

  • Precise measurement and healthy fish: glass thermometer for aquariums
  • Easy to install: attach thermometer with suction cup inside the aquarium
  • Marked with the optimum temperature range, floats vertically without attachment
  • Suction holder acid and alkali-resistant
  • Package contents: 1x JBL aquarium thermometer, 61405, incl. suction holder
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Healthy fish and plants
Fish are dependent on the right ambient temperature because being cold-blooded animals they are not able to determine their body temperature. The life functions of the cold-blooded animals decrease with falling temperatures. The right aquarium temperature is therefore very important to maintain a problem-free food intake and a trouble-free functioning of the metabolic processes.
Depending on the origin of the fish, the temperature, they feel comfortable at varies. With the JBL glass thermometer you can keep an eye on the temperature.

Precise measurement
The glass thermometer is marked with the optimal temperature range. Thanks to a suction cup It can be easily attached inside the aquarium. Floats vertically if not attached.


JBL aquarium thermometer

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
Volume packaging:
0.400 l
Gross weight:
17.000 g
Net weight:
10 g
Weight factor:
20/218/96 mm
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