JBL ReptilDesert UV light
Energy-saving lamp for desert terrariums

  • Compact lamp with high UV-A and UV-B proportions for desert terrariums and 6500 Kelvin for light conditions modelled on nature
  • For the species-appropriate care of desert animals, such as bearded dragons, many tortoises and spiny-tailed agamas
  • Species-appropriate care: increases activity, appetite and reproductive species-specific behaviour through UV-A, ideal calcium metabolism through UV-B
  • Recommended distance to the animal: 5 to 8 cm with a daily irradiation time of 8-10 hours
  • Package contents: one compact lamp with E27 socket
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Nature as a model
Terrarium animals are cold-blooded animals, which are strongly dependent on light, particularly on the quality and intensity of the light. Activity, food intake, digestion or rest phases are influenced by the change of day and night and the intensity of light. Depending on the light source, there are differences in output and quality of the light.

The right light for your terrarium
For UV- terrarium animals, in need of UV light, it is important to think about the UV supply and at the same time about the animals' need for warmth. If the UV-emitting lamp produces heat (e.g. JBL UV-Spot plus, JBL RetilDesert L-U-W Light alu), the temperature in the terrarium will also drop in the evening when the lighting is switched off. If this is not desired, heat must be supplied separately, e.g. via a heating mat (JBL TerraTemp heatmat). Energy-saving lamps such as the JBL ReptilDesert UV-Light produce hardly any heat and are therefore ideal for animals that require little heat or they need to be supplemented by a heating mat for heat generation. The advantage of separating heat and UV production is that the night temperature can be set precisely.


JBL ReptilDesert UV light 23 W

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
23 W
Volume packaging:
0.000 l
Gross weight:
0.000 g
Net weight:
0 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
0/0/0 mm

Technical Data

power output in Watt:23 W
voltage:230 V

safety instructions

  • safety instruction for lamps
    • Filename:

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