The JBL Summer Competition

Unfortunately the competition is finished already. Shortly you will find another competition here. Simply look in again later.



    What is the maximum light yield (PAR = photosynthetically active radiation) of the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR for perfect plant growth?

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    Which NEO Index® (a measure of natural, energy-optimised nutrition) has the ideal spring food, such as the JBL ProPond Spring?

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    Here's how it works

    Just enter by June 23, 2019 and with a bit of luck you can win one of three SOLAR LED kits in your required size or a year’s supply of ProPond pond food to the value of €300. The winners will be drawn from all participants with the correct answer and notified by email.

    Applicable are our current Conditions of participation.


    Moving With Your Aquarium – The Checklist

    But wait, how do I transport my aquarium(s) from A to B? What ’s important here? We have put together a checklist-like post that explains the process, so you won’t forget anything.

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    JBL ProPond Film - Seasonal Feeding

    Beginning with spectacular underwater shots taken at a koi breeder’s in Japan, including a visual presentation of nutrition information for the individual seasons and then some koi pond footage.

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    Display Accuracy vs. Measuring Accuracy - Different Results When Measuring Temperatures

    You may find the differences that can arise when measuring the temperature with different measuring instruments and methods, confusing. Most people tend to trust a digital device more than an analog device. Is this justified?

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    Choosing Your Substrate - Combining Several Varieties

    You probably had this the last time you set up an aquarium. "Sand or gravel?” you wondered. “Or maybe soil? Or there’s that coarse volcanic rock?”

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