Choosing your animals

Which animal suits you?

You may already know which terrarium animal you would like to keep. The question now is whether this animal also suits you, and whether you are willing and able to care properly for the species. If you are not at home much, e.g. lizards which need to be fed daily, are completely unsuitable, whereas a constrictor snake which doesn’t need any food for a long time after a meal, would be ideal.

In addition to the work involved, the size of the animal or the appropriate terrarium will be the main criterion. For example you might think a green iguana is perfect for you, but you simply have no room for a 2 x 2 x 2 m terrarium, even if you get rid of the TV. Feeding, care and terrarium size are therefore the most important criteria for finding the right animal.

Once you've narrowed down the group of animals, the question is whether to go for a desert or rainforest terrarium. The hobby gardener and plant lover, of course, may find their calling more in a rainforest terrarium than in a desert terrarium, even if desert plants need some care too.

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