Feeding types

As elsewhere in the animal kingdom, there are four predominant feeding types among terrarium animals: meat-eating animals (carnivores), insect eating animals (insectivores), plant eaters (herbivores) and animals which eat both meat and plants (omnivores). There are all the variations in between too. It is important to understand that a feeding type, such as carnivore, does not mean that this animal only eats meat. It may well ingest vegetable food as a supplement. In addition, carnivores also eat any plant food present in the stomachs of their prey. The snake is an example of this.

Herbivorous animals often eat animals on the plants they are eating and thus also get some animal protein. They need to be on a vegetarian diet because they cannot digest carnal food. Tortoises are typical herbivorous terrarium animals.

Omnivores are able to consume and digest both herbal and animal components. Omnivore means that the animals can not only eat anything, but they HAVE TO eat everything! A one-sided carnal or one-sided herbal diet would lead to disease or even to the death of the animal.

It does not matter if you keep carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous animals: variety in the diet is the main thing! Please remember that your animals often have an incredible variety of food available to them in the wild. It’s therefore important to offer a herbivore a wide range of plant food, the same goes for carnal food for the carnivore. Feeding only dandelions or just dead mice is convenient, but definitely the wrong way!