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Havant – Great Britain

JBL products have proven to be econoMic and reliable.

Hatfield – Great Britain

For quality products, and customer service, for me JBL sound like guarantee of good product/service, but also huge support for… Find out more

For quality products, and customer service, for me JBL sound like guarantee of good product/service, but also huge support for those based on years of experience and knowledge and research.

Aberdeen – Great Britain

The handy hints that com with the pro scan mean that even my wife who has little knowledge of fish… Find out more

The handy hints that com with the pro scan mean that even my wife who has little knowledge of fish keeping understands it if I’m not there.


for freshwater


for marine water


for reptiles


for turtles


for ponds


for invertebrates


Ahead through research

To take product development seriously you need a good research basis. That’s why biologists work in the JBL research center and that’s why a JBL research team organises research expeditions to the native countries of the aquarium and terrarium animals, to observe the living habits of the in their natural habitats and to analyse the biotopes. This is the only way to develop professional products for optimal animal keeping.


Der JBL Praktikant - Arbeiten im Hobby

Hallo Leute! Seit drei Monaten bin ich mittlerweile Der JBL Praktikant und die Arbeit bereitet mir nach wie vor große Freude. Außerdem hat sie großen Einfluss auf mein Hobby und man lernt ständig dazu, da man sich im Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten befindet.

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This has to be the most important measure for maintaining your pond water

Rainfall changes the composition of your pond water over time. Since rainwater does not contain any minerals, your pond water becomes softer and softer (the hardness decreases)

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JBL Community Calendar 2021 - Download Now

More than 200 participants submitted their pictures to the contest within 10 days.

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JBL TV #19 Part 3: Aquarium set-up - wood and stones for the aquarium

What you need to know when setting up an aquarium

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JBL TV #19 Part 2: Aquarium Set-Up - The Substrate - Gravel, Sand or Nutrient Substrate?

We’ll show you all the different aquarium substrates, from sand to coarse gravel, and list their advantages and disadvantages.

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All Japan Koi Show abgesagt

Die weltweit bedeutendste Koi-Messe in Tokio, die von der Shinkokai (Profizüchtervereinigung) jährlich Anfang Februar veranstaltet wird, wurde soeben offiziell abgesagt.

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JBL Now In Its Third Generation

When Joachim Böhme founded JBL in Ludwigshafen in 1960, he could only hope that his company would remain in family ownership. When his son, Roland Böhme, took over in 1991, the second generation was assured. Exactly 30 years later, on January 4, 2021, it was time for JBL to enter its third generation with Stella Kaltenmeier-Böhme, Roland Böhme's daughter, at the helm.

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The new JBL Automatic Pond Feeder, the Perfect Holiday Stand-In

Holiday, weekend, bad weather or simply not in the mood? The JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD feeds your pond fish as perfectly as you do.

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The All Japan Koi Show 2021 Is Taking Place - But This Time Without JBL

The JBL Team thought long and hard about it, but finally decided against participating in Tokyo at the end of January 2021.

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What do Japanese koi breeders do in winter?

Corona has also had its effect on Japanese koi breeders. More and more regular customers are buying online, and they are generally buying cheaper koi. Meeting the breeder for a personal selection at the koi pond has dropped to virtually zero. The top of the range koi are rarely being sold!

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