Advantages of JBL PlanktonPur in comparison to live food

What proven advantages does JBL PlanktonPur have in comparison to live food feeding?

  • Up to 100% higher survival rate in fish breeding.
  • Up to 100% higher growth rate with juvenile fish.
  • A 3.5 times higher stress tolerance.
  • A 50% reduction of unwanted pattern in colouration.
  • An 18 times reduction of the bacterial density of the dangerous Vibrio species, as compared to food enriched with Artemia nauplii (brine shrimp).

What is in JBL PlanktonPur?

JBL PlanktonPur M (Medium) with crustaceans up to 2 mm in size (95 % Calanus finmarchicus, 5 % Calanus helgolandicus) for fish between 4 and 14 cm in length. JBL PlanktonPur S (Small) with plankton between 0.2 and 1 mms in size. It contains a plankton mix consisting of copepods, snail and mussel larvae and different copepods of the species Temora, Pseudocalanus, Paracalanus, Acartia, Centropages, Calanus and Oithona. JBL PlanktonPur S is suitable for fish between 2 and 6 cm in length. The plankton organisms are pure, sieved and packed without preservatives.

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