A group of children storms the JBL plant

It was the first time that a group of children and young adults visited the JBL plant in Neuhofen/Palatinate. The visitors aged seven to eighteen, all members of the children’s and young adults’ aquatics group from Falkenberg/Elster in South Brandenburg, had travelled 600 km to witness aquatic research and the production of fish food live.

The children, young adults and chaperones were shown the entire production process from the raw ingredients to the filled and packaged containers. When the aquatics fans were offered fresh fish food flakes, they reacted with scepticism, but were delighted after they had tasted them! The questions directed at the JBL biologists were also exciting. They indicated a deep interest in aquatics and showed clearly that the children weren’t satisfied with merely seeing Bob the Builder with his wheelbarrow in the aquarium. The children even knew that human blood does not lure sharks, and instead only fish blood!

At the end of their tour, the group was even able to help JBL Marketing: Everyone was given a page from the JBL brochures to read and mark anything they felt was not written in easy-to-understand language. The result left the experts baffled: A seven-year-old girl understood 95 % of the page from a plant care brochure. But she did not understand product names and abbreviations such as ‘e.g.’! One really can’t say that young folks are no longer interested in aquatics today!

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