JBL Expedition 2021 to Observe Altum Angelfish in Colombia

On the JBL expedition to Venezuela Dr. Wolgang Staeck gave us his insider tip, a place in the Colombian jungle where he managed to observe entire groups of angelfish in clear water. This information has become reality for us and in cooperation with Mr. Buntbarsch (Mr. Cichlid, as Dr. Wolfgang Staeck, who has written many books about cichlids, is affectionately known), this has resulted in the 11th JBL Expedition with a tour price of under €1.900.

In January/February 2021 the JBL research team and 30 participants will fly via Bogota to Inirida in the Colombian lowland rainforest for 12 days. Our destination will be the crystal clear blackwater tributaries of the Orinoco, in which the altum angelfish and many other cichlids, tetras, catfish and freshwater stingrays are to be found. The entire team will be divided into groups of eight and will alternately visit different habitats in the region to study the biotopes and observe animals.

The river area, with its rapids rushing past boulders in the water, will be especially exciting for L number catfish lovers. With a bit of luck they’ll find some previously unknown sucker catfish there too! There’ll be another biotope with lots of cichlids, such as eartheaters, crenicichla species, flag cichlids, dwarf cichlids or even cardinal tetras. Light measurements (PAR and lux values) will also be on our agenda, so that we can compare them with aquarium conditions.

The teams will spend the nights either in hammocks in small indigenous villages or at a simple lodge near Inirida. We’ll approach all the biotopes by boats from Inirida. Our food will be the fish we catch during the day or else meals prepared by the locals. Lovers of terrarium animals will be thrilled by the diverse animal world at the river's edge, which is still to be found in an untouched state there. Anyone looking for a five-star vacation with a whirlpool has picked the wrong expedition! But if you enjoy spending time in the wild and are interested in animals and plants, as well as aquatic and herpetological field research you’ve come to the right place with the JBL Expedition to Colombia. Further information and an application form can be found on the JBL website:

Анонс: экспедиция в Колумбию I

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