JBL Roadshow - Vienna

After visiting and filming the latest JBL TV episodes at Haus des Meeres, our online marketing team became a "mini" roadshow and visited a few customers/retailers in the Vienna area. These included Liquid Nature, Garnelaxia, the Zierfisch Zentrum Austria and a Kölle Zoo shop.

1. Liquid Nature

Liquid Nature is a quaint little shop in the middle of Vienna. The shop consists of an ornamental fish sales facility, a gallery with display aquariums and a large selection of different hardscapes. Latest on entering the gallery you know what the emphasis is on here - namely aquascaping! 

Stefan, the co-owner of Liquid Nature, gave us a tour of his shop and showed us the underwater landscapes in all their variations. It’s worth making a visit to Stefan and his team. The aquascapes on display are a source of inspiration for design elements in your aquarium and of course they have everything you need in stock. Pictures speak louder than words, so have a look at this…

2. Garnelaxia

Garnelaxia also has some impressive aquascapes on offer. And what’s more, Matthias, the owner of the shop, has the largest dwarf shrimp breeding facility in Austria to impress his visitors with. Their aquariums in the sales area are also set up species-appropriately, although this does make catching the animals more difficult than usual! Go and see for yourself when you’re next in Vienna! Here’s a small foretaste...

3. Zierfisch Zentrum Austria

The Zierfisch Zentrum Austria is located a little outside Vienna, but still well worth a visit. There is a reason for their being the largest specialist shop for freshwater aquaristics in Austria! The sales area is really huge and a treat for any visiting aquarist. The variety of ornamental fish is impressively displayed. Everywhere you look there are aquariums with interesting animals to be seen. Besides the classics like the "cardinal tetra", there are rarities to marvel at. Here are a few impressions from the shop...

4. 4. Kölle Zoo Vienna

Last but not least, we visited the Kölle Zoo shopping experience in Vienna. On around 3,000m² you can find everything pet related here. Including, of course, our beloved aquaristics. The shop has a well-kept freshwater and marine water sales area. Lovingly furnished show aquariums and a large indoor pond quickly explain the “experience” part of the name! Take a look inside...

Take our advice: drop by when you are in or near Vienna and see for yourself! It is always great to see how much passion and care the dealers and shops put into our beloved hobby!

Finally, a big thank you again to all those involved and for the friendly, open conversations we shared in their shops!

© 06.03.2022
Moritz Schrobenhauser
Moritz Schrobenhauser
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