The right fertilisation for aquarium plants

You may think that a good CO2 fertiliser system means plants are fully provided for. But if we compare the plant diet to our own, we understand why one staple food is never enough. if we only ate carbohydrates, fat and protein, we’d soon suffer massive health problems caused by vitamin deficiencies and a lack of trace elements. This is also what happens to plants: they’ll continue to grow (albeit slowly), but they’ll show signs of deficiency: light green leaves, leaf decay, red colour disappearing etc.. We therefore recommend the following in addition to CO2 fertilisation:

For undemanding to moderately demanding aquarium plants:

JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Liquid fertiliser. The basis fertiliser for the primary care of aquatic plants in freshwater aquariums.

Add to the new water volume after the weekly partial water change (10 ml/80 l). As feeding and fish excretions cause nitrates & phosphates to be present in almost all aquariums, this fertiliser is nitrate and phosphate free!

JBL PROFLORA 7 шариков Nutrient depot for the plant roots. Specially manufactured clay balls loaded with nutrients for freshwater aquariums.

Press one ball into the root area of STRONGLY rooting plants every six months. Plants with low root growth hardly absorb any nutrients through their roots and do not need any special root promotion. For an optimal and precise supply of all vital fertilising trace elements that the plants cannot store.

Additionally, for demanding aquarium plants, comes the:

JBL PROFLORA Ferropol 24 Daily fertiliser with sensitive trace elements. 

Some minerals and trace elements react with the oxygen and carbonate hardness in the aquarium water and this renders them unserviceable for the plants (it’s similar to rusting in metals). The daily fertiliser contains these sensitive trace elements, and adding them daily means the plants absorb them quickly, before the oxygen can have any detrimental effects.

JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root Long-term fertiliser in tablet form for the plant roots. Concentrated iron and mineral depot in tablet form to support root development in aquarium plants. 

Press one tablet into the root area of the plant every month. Depending on their species, aquatic plants absorb a significant portion of their mineral nutrient supply through their roots. The stronger the aquatic plant root, the more nutrients are absorbed this way. In addition the root hairs of aquatic plants have the particular facility to solubilize precipitated iron (Fe3+) and thus supply it to the plants.

When setting up a new aquarium:

JBL PROFLORA AquaBasis plus Long-term nutrient substrate for beautiful and lasting plant growth in all freshwater aquariums. Contains important plant nutrients such as iron. Clay components store nutrients and release them when needed

Be sure right from the start: With a layer of long-term nutrient substrate under the actual Грунт , you create an ideal basis for your aquarium plants for 5 years. When the nutrients from the long-term nutrient substrate have been used up, they are reabsorbed from the liquid fertiliser in the water and made available to the plants through the substrate. It’s like recharging a battery

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