JBL Nitrogen Fertilizer for Coral Reef Aquariums

Contemporary reef aquatics often means a lot of corals and relatively few fish in the aquarium. Because there are hardly any fish feeding, the corals lack nitrogen (N) and often also phosphorus (P). Luckily saltwater specialists have achieved great results in caring for corals and solving such problems with the new JBL ProScape range for aquascapers.

Although the new N and P fertilizers from JBL were developed for aquascaping, they have a common use. Scaping aquariums combine a lot of plants with a few fish and this leads in saltwater to a nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency. Up to now saltwater aquarists have been reliant on pharmacies, and these have not been noted for producing customised mixtures on demand at a reasonable price.

The new JBL ProScape fertilizers have solved this problem and now offer every saltwater aquarium enthusiast a simple dosing option for these deficient nutrients. And interestingly the addition of nitrogen also helps with dinoflagellate problems.

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