A good tool is worth its weight in gold


Just like a cheap spanner would drive any handyman mad, bad scissors or pincers can make aquarists livid!

CO2 for two


The trend towards a second aquarium is continuing! But who wants a separate CO2 unit for each aquarium? JBL has the solution:

A huge diminutive: the new JBL CristalProfi m greenline


This new filter system is a must for every aquarium between 20 and 80 litres! At last a small filter which, despite its unprepossessing appearance, unites many superlatives:

JBL really warms to terrarium animals


JBL has introduced new heating mats for terrariums (JBL TerraTemp heatmat) in three sizes: 28 x 18 cm, 28 x 35 cm and 28 x 60 cm. All heating mats are self-adhesive and especially robust due to an extra strong PET foil.

JBL with specialty fertilizers for successful aquascapers and those who want to be


Normally aquarists are pleased if their nitrate and phosphate levels are low. Only the aquascaper attempts to supplement the “normal” fertilizer with fertilizer components, either individually or in the form of a PPK fertilizer. This is because of the low fish stock. ...

New topics and quick access to the JBL homepage


With only two clicks a significant improvement of the JBL homepage has made it possible for you to download guide booklets, to be shown new innovations and to find videos.

Is your pond boiling?


For pond owners an exact water temperature is important for the following reasons:

JBL with a spongy matter


Schaumstoffzuschnitte für Eigenbau-Biofilter und Teichfilter liegen stark im Trend. JBL baut daher sein Sortiment an Schaumstoffblöcken aus und bietet nun Filterschaumblöcke mit einer Kantenlänge von 50 cm in 2,5 / 5,0 sowie 10 cm Stärke an. ...

Jelly-like animals are more popular than ever


Kaum ein Dekorationsartikel hat so viele Fans wie die JBL Quallen! Daher erweitert JBL das Sortiment um weitere Quallen und einen Fisch. Die Tiere werden mit einem Saugnapf an der Scheibe befestigt und treiben dann sanft in der Wasserströmung. ...

German Biotope Aquarium Contest 2015


Themenaquarien mit Fisch- und Wirbellosenbesatz nach dem Vorbild natürlicher Lebensräume – das ist die Biotop-Aquaristik.