JBL Biotope Aquarium World Championship in Russia


Once again in 2014 the best biotope scapers of the world met up in St. Petersburg to set up live biotope aquariums which then were judged by a renowned jury.

The new JBL catalogue has arrived


What makes the JBL Catalogue Aquarium Reptile 2015 special are not its over 1000 photos, nor the masses of information about JBL’s well-known product range, but its 62 new products and a revolution in the field of water analysis which turns your smartphone into a water test ...

JBL Advent calendar 2014 – presents and motifs for your hobby, every day and free of charge


Like every year, JBL fans are waiting for JBL’s traditional Advent calendar. People keep asking and the tension is high. What are the prizes this time? How many prizes are there?

JBL Apartments for Terrarium Animals


Even terrarium animals need a private life, so JBL has produced its new JBL ReptiCava housing range (also known as caves to terrarium enthusiasts) in three sizes and colours.

Drinking, eating, bathing – JBL enhances terrarium animals’ comfort


The new range JBL RepilBar presents terrarium enthusiasts with a wide selection of drinking bowls in their favourite colour, and these are more than just a drinking bowl.

The participants of the JBL expedition 2015 PACIFIC – AUSTRALIA have been decided


On 15 September 2014 the registration deadline ended for the big Australia expedition 2015, which will take the JBL research team and the participants from the kelp forests of California, to Tahiti in the South Seas, to the various habitats of Australia ...

JBL feeds your fish – when and as much as you want


The JBL AutoFood Automatic Feeder is here right in time for the Christmas holidays. Anyone going away, or so busy during the holiday season that they are likely to forget to feed their aquarium inhabitants, no longer need worry with the JBL AutoFood. ...

Let’s click together: the new JBL installation kits for metal-halide lamps.


Terrarium enthusiasts are sick of permanently drilling giant holes into their terrarium canopies to install lighting. With three new installation kits JBL offers a very convenient solution where ...

Germany’s Aquarists Have Ranked JBL As Their No. 1


During the Aqua EXPO Tage in Dortmund, JBL received the award “Aquaristik Brand Star 2014” from the expert jury of DPS Verlag & Messen. With the award Michael J. Schönefeld clearly wanted to demonstrate how important

JBL CristalProfi E-Series with a new plate instead of a gasket seal


With the JBL CristalProfi external filters previously a rectangular gasket seal was used between the uppermost filter basket and the distributor plate underneath the pump. This gasket seal drives everyone crazy who wants to reinstall this gasket seal after use. ...