JBL Potassium Test for salt water


There are hardly any marine water enthusiasts who don’t add trace elements to their aquariums. But many trace element supplements contain too much potassium, which in turn leads to green algae problems.

And now JBL has won the „Golden Coral Award“ too


JBL PlanktonPur‘s popularity is growing as it becomes more familiar. Having won the cup for the best new item 2014 it has now been awarded with MeerwasserLive TV’s seawater prize “Golden Coral Award”.

Better JBL net than wet


Summer is the time for live food. But anyone wanting to catch live food now needs the right tools and a fishing licence! This is no late April Fool's joke: in Germany you really do need a licence to fish, but you can get it at the local fishing authority and it only costs € 10 a year. ...

JBL introduces: new bulk packs for fish breeders


JBL is now offering the popular 10 litre bucket! The staple food JBL NovoBel, food tablets and turtle food are now available in airtight reclosable plastic buckets for those who need more than 1000 ml or 5500 ml.

80 % of All Pond Owners Wrongly Estimated Their Water Volume


On a daily basis the JBL service department receives questions and inquiries on pond problems which it gladly answers in a competent manner. Now the online pond laboratory where pond owners can get help ...

Springtime is algae time


The total phosphorus entering water bodies per year in Germany is approx. 23,000 t (data from 2005, source: Federal Environmental Agency). Broken down to a single square metre of water surface, ...

How does the JBL PondCheck work?


Carbonate hardness and pH values are the most important parameters to evaluate the stability of the pond water. The target values for the pH levels are between approx. 7.5 and 8.5, whereby the fluctuations over the course of the day ...

Trailers for the JBL Expedition Venezuela 2016


In preparation for the JBL expedition 2016 for 50 participants, the organisers have shot footage which is now available in two parts. The first film shows views of the Orinoco ...

Holding your breath for 3 minutes to observe fish – That’s no problem anymore


„Unbelievable“ was the most frequent participant comment after the JBL freediving course with Christian Redl, the eightfold world record holder, in the monte mare water park.

Pond Water Analysis via Smartphone


JBL has revolutionized water testing and can turn your smartphone into your personal water test center by means of a free app. Please select for example the water type garden pond on the JBL ProScan app.