JBL Nitrogen Fertilizer for Coral Reef Aquariums


Contemporary reef aquatics often means a lot of corals and relatively few fish in the aquarium. Because there are hardly any fish feeding, the corals lack nitrogen (N) and often also phosphorus (P).

JBL aquatic calculator – something really useful for any aquarist


There are a few questions which can only be answered by a few select experts. These include the quantity of substrate required, what amount of light is best and the complex issue of how much fertilizer to add.

In winter the Arctic blossom is under the ice


Even when snow storms are raging above the water, with temperatures of up to -50 °C, plankton is blossoming under the ice as if it’s spring. But the metre-thick layer of ice means it’s still too early to collect it. Once JBL has sold the last PlanktonPur stocks, no new plankton can be ...

JBL receives an award for environmental protection in practice


The Rhine/Neckar metropolitan region has selected JBL for an energy efficiency award as part of its project Sustainable Business Practices 2014. An audit of the JBL works in Neuhofen convinced them how much JBL has invested in environmental protection: ...

Do water tests also work at lower temperatures?


Yes, JBL water tests work accurately at all temperatures. The temperature dependent deviations are so small that they are between the normal measuring tolerances and thus are not relevant.

The future has begun: water analysis via smartphone


JBL has revolutionized water testing and can turn your smartphone into your personal water test center by means of a free app. Please select your water type on the JBL ProScan app (freshwater for aquarium, garden pond or tap water).

The JBL Fan Shop


The place where all fans of aquatics, terraristics and koi can have their fill. It’s not only Ferrari fans who like to show their enthusiasm by wearing caps, polo shirts or bags – even when they don’t actually drive a Ferrari!

Do research in the jungles of Venezuela with JBL


The destination for the JBL Expedition 2016 has now been decided: 40 participants will have the chance to accompany the JBL research team to the Orinoco Delta and to the famous table mountains at the Brazilian border for 8 days in April. This JBL expedition will be completely back to ...

JBL Biotope Aquarium World Championship in Russia


Once again in 2014 the best biotope scapers of the world met up in St. Petersburg to set up live biotope aquariums which then were judged by a renowned jury.

The new JBL catalogue has arrived


What makes the JBL Catalogue Aquarium Reptile 2015 special are not its over 1000 photos, nor the masses of information about JBL’s well-known product range, but its 62 new products and a revolution in the field of water analysis which turns your smartphone into a water test ...