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Ready, steady, water – here’s how to pour in water without destroying your aquarium decorations

The bigger your aquarium the sooner will you want to fill your aquarium with a hose directly from the water tap. JBL has a water withdrawal and refill system in its range where, during a partial water change, you can even siphon water and afterwards refill your aquarium in no time ( JBL Aqua In Out Conjunto completo ). This works, even if your aquarium is positioned lower than your washbasin!

Alternatively you can, of course, use water buckets – but only if you haven’t used any cleaning agents in the bucket. Even pouring the water from the bucket into your aquarium is trickly, as you don’t want to disturb your aquarium design.

Putting a plate or spreading a plastic bag over the aquarium content will help you to protect your equipment against the water jet and to slowly fill your aquarium. A filter fleece ( JBL Symec VL ). You may use slightly tempered water. Check the temperature with an aquarium thermometer and adjust to 24-26 °C.

Since your tap water is not always ideal for your aquarium dwellers, we advise a water conditioner ( JBL Biotopol ), which neutralises harmful substances, such as chloride and heavy metals from your tap water to transform it to aquarium water.