Plastic rubbish on paradise beaches - but are we Germans any better?

Sometimes JBL expeditions take us to really untouched areas ( Экспедиции ). And so it’s especially shocking to find traces of our consumer lifestyle there. When you’ve been travelling up small rivers for hours without seeing anyone, the sight of plastic bags on the banks and in the trees (due to the fluctuating water level) is almost traumatic. 

Of course it’s easy for us to point the finger at the countries where we see this. But we also need to consider our own behaviour in our own country. We are world champions in separating waste, but we are also world champions in producing it! Unfortunately this waste separation partly salves our conscience, but separated waste is still waste! Have a look at the short video our expedition leader Heiko Blessin shot on a lonely beach in Japan. Then you'll know why JBL is making so many efforts to optimise its packaging from an environmental point of view and to steer the company further towards sustainability. You can find out more at Стабильность .

© 10.03.2020
Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

Tauchen, Fotografie, Aquaristik, Haie, Motorrad


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