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Video: The Perfect Nutrition for Small Aquarium Fish from 3-5 cm

Small aquarium fish need small food that fits into their small mouths!


JBL adventní kalendář 2020

Adventní kalendář 2020

If you like little surprises in Advent calendars, JBL has an Advent calendar with some great prizes behind its doors for you!

#jbldeal - akce kup 1 dostaneš 1 zdarma: JBL PROPOND STAPLE


Buy JBL PROPOND STAPLE and get a free bag of PROPOND WINTER delivered without charge to your door.*

Zdarma prostředek na péči pro nádherná akvária

#jbldeal – Biotopol Promotion

Free care product for a gleaming aquarium

Produkt pro péči o terária jako dárek

#jbldeal – akce na Terra substrát

Buy a JBL terrarium substrate and benefit.

Rostlinné hnojivo pro vitální růst zdarma

#jbldeal – akce PROSCAPE TOOLS

Buy three JBL PROSCAPE TOOLS before 31 Dec 2020.

#jbldeal - akce JBL PROTEMP CoolControl 25 %

#jbldeal - PROTEMP CoolControl

Buy a JBL PROTEMP Cooler x200 or x300 and save 25% when buying a JBL PROTEMP CoolControl.*



Buy one JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C Compact / plus and get one free water care set worth €15.19.

#jbldeal - akce AutoFood + krmivo zdarma

#jbldeal - AutoFood

Buy a JBL AutoFood Black or White and get a JBL granulated food worth up to €12.19 for free!

#jbldeal - JBL Reptil LED Daylight 12 W - ZDARMA JBL PROCLEAN TERRA

#jbldeal - Reptil LED Daylight

Buy a JBL Reptil LED Daylight 12 W and get a JBL PROCLEAN TERRA for free!

Akce CO2 adaptér - #jbldeal

Akce CO2 adaptér

Register your purchase of JBL PROFLORA ADAPT u Disposable on Dennerle to get your free fertiliser pack.

Colouring book for children


Painting is fun – not only for kids! That’s why we have 10 free motives for you and you can colour them straight in the browser window. Botia, the little loach, has suddenly turned green and Tetraodon, the blow fish has got red spots! Give yourself a treat, involve your children, and colour in your favourite fish.

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