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ProFlora CO₂

The secret of thriving plant growth

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ProCristal i30

A huge dwarf for nano aquariums with shrimps

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Multi water analysis with evaluation via smartphone

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Tips and hints for the care of turtles

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Pond care season for season

The different seasons of the year need different maintenance.

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Ahead through research

To take product development seriously you need a good research basis. That’s why biologists work in the JBL research center and that’s why a JBL research team organises research expeditions to the native countries of the aquarium and terrarium animals, to observe the living habits of the in their natural habitats and to analyse the biotopes. This is the only way to develop professional products for optimal animal keeping.

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Turtles and tortoises are among the most popular of all terrarium animals and are despite (or even because of) their slowness absolute favourites for children too! A few points need to be remembered when keeping turtles, so that the animals feel comfortable, stay healthy and maybe even reproduce. We will give you tips and hints for their care.

Aquarium problems

Are you faced with algae problems or don’t your aquarium plants grow well? Is the water cloudy or are your fish ill? Don’t your water parameters correspond to your expectations? Our team of experts has thoroughly analysed the problems that occur in the aquatic field and offers you solutions which really work.

Pond care

The different seasons (at least in Central Europe) require different care measures. Even in countries where there are no cold winters with minus degrees, factors like rainy seasons, dry seasons or perhaps a summer with particularly high temperatures all play a decisive role for the garden pond.

Fish diseases

In case your pond fish fall ill, we will show you which disease it is, and how to combat it reliably here.

Fish feeding

The nutritional requirements of fish can differ as much as between dogs and hamsters. Here you will find comprehensive information on this important chapter about the feeding of aquarium fish.

Algae problems

Why are algae a problem? What algae species can be found in the pond and how can you combat them effectively and for the long-term?

Setting up an aquarium

Here you will learn how to set up your aquarium. In the film we show you the step-by-step instructions. The brochure “Setting up an aquarium” contains all information you need when setting up a new aquarium.

Biotope data

We have visited the biotopes of terrarium animals and documented the biotope data. Here you will find all the data collected from all over the world.


Lighting is THE key to good terrarium keeping. Do your animals need only light, or do they need heat and UV? Here are the answers.


Start Your Terrarium Successfully – A Checklist With Questions

Before purchasing a terrarium animal you need to ask yourself three fundamental questions. Only once you have answered these three questions, will you not only be sure that your dream will come true, but also that you can offer your future fellow lodger a new home which meets the demands of its species, its body size and its movement needs.

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Advent Calendar 2015

Do you like the little surprises in the Advent Calendar? JBL has produced an Advent calendar for you with great prizes waiting for you behind its doors.

Media center

Media center

There’s no need to search for fragments of product information anymore! Here you will find videos and user instructions plus further useful information about our products. There are also objective product tests and press releases about the respective product.


In 18 Days around the World – JBL’s Report Online

On 25th October 2015 the JBL research team returned safely, if not quite happily, after 30 hours of return flights to Frankfurt/Main. 200 from 5.000 photos have been matched to their respective stage on the journey, from the shark at ...