JBL CristalProfi E-Series with a new plate instead of a gasket seal


With the JBL CristalProfi external filters previously a rectangular gasket seal was used between the uppermost filter basket and the distributor plate underneath the pump. This gasket seal drives everyone crazy who wants to reinstall this gasket seal after use. ...

New JBL Water Tests – This is how the best test


Individualized and specific plant fertilization is not really possible without these new JBL water tests, because the consumption of potassium, magnesium and CO2 varies widely from plant species to plant species.

JBL ProFlora Count safe – Those who can count have the cutting edge


Any aquarist who feeds his plants with carbon dioxide (CO2), because he doesn’t want them to starve, has to regulate the CO2 gas supply. Here a bubble counter is required to make the CO2 gas visible in the water ...

JBL ProScapers can prove their case


For the perfect growth of their plants, aquascapers depend on water analysis. There is a 99% probability that one substance will run out and lead to a deficiency if they guess the amount of fertilizer needed and don’t check it afterwards.

The JBL colour chart booklet now available


Active water testers need new colour charts for their water tests from time to time. JBL is now selling a replacement for the complete colour chart booklet, which contains brief instructions and colour charts for all the water tests.

JBL Soil – Even the world champions are raving about this


Aquascapers can be picky. The tools are too long or they are too short. The fertilizers are too weak or too concentrated. Only on one subject do they all agree - JBL Soil.

Only for the ambitious: The JBL Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014


The Eastern European JBL Biotope Aquarium Design Contest has been in existence since 2011 and is now entering its fourth year. Aquascapers and biotope aquarists, committed to biotope aquatics (reproduction of a habitat), are invited to compete in this challenging contest. ...

Frost and summer don’t go together


Fans of frozen food for ornamental fish have to be extra careful in summer! High outdoor temperatures make frozen food thaw quickly and this can result in an explosive increase of bacteria in the frozen food!

The 4-star all inclusive hotel with day nursery for mothers-to-be


Spawning boxes have existed for a long time. But this new spawning box from JBL beats all records:

A good tool is worth its weight in gold


Just like a cheap spanner would drive any handyman mad, bad scissors or pincers can make aquarists livid!