Not every terrarium for animals, who need UV radiation, is over 60 cm high and can be equipped with 100 or 160 W UV spot lights. Quite a few terrarium enthusiasts own terrariums where the animals are situated at a distance between 30 - 60 cm to the light source. ... (more)


In springtime and when new pond fish are added – these are often the times when the immune system is at its weakest. Extreme temperature fluctuations and a metabolism which still is in an energy-saving mode increase the susceptibility to infections. ... (more)


One single product never can do everything perfectly. The key question is: Should harmful substances be removed from the source water? Or should the carbonate hardness be increased in the soft water of the pond to stabilize the pH value and to make the algaecide effective in the first ... (more)


In the warm summer time people often prefer lighter fare. And so do pond dwellers and koi in particular. This is why JBL’s Reseach and Development Department has come up with a special Koi Summer premium food. (more)


Filter bags made of fine mesh are perfect for fine filter media, such as activated carbon or phosphate remover, because they prevent soiling of the material. (more)


The new register card holder for fish diseases shows on eight flip files the most common fish diseases with colour images and appropriate methods of treatment. It also shows how long ranging the remedies are and how to use them. (more)


Many aquarium keepers increase the oxygen content in the water through the attachment of an air injection nozzle (venturi system) on the water outlet of their internal filter. (more)


To pump water, whether in the bio filter, in the indoor fountains or with a flow pump, you not only need a reliable pump but also connection options and pre-filtering. The new JBL pump range ProFlow provides five different water pumps for every purpose in fresh and saltwater. ... (more)


To make the product names easier to understand the energy-saving lamps for terrariums from JBL are being renamed. The UV name affix in numbers is going to disappear (e.g. JBL ReptilDesert UV 300) and be replaced by the wattage (e.g. ReptilDesert UV-Light 15 W). ... (more)


When discussing substrate heating, people always use the same logical sounding premise that aquatic plants grow better with “warm feet”. (more)