In 2018 you’ll have everything under control

The water is clear, the fish are swimming around and there are no unpleasant odours. It sounds good, but is everything really alright? In 2018 we want you to be able to keep everything under control. For perfect plant growth or for fish breeding you’ll need more, namely perfect water values. And this all-round test case will meet all your requirements.

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Thomas Rölle, Robert Bauer, Diana Kirsch, dimitry ciceron


Testing Potassium for Perfect Plant Growth

Potassium is one of the macroelements which is quickly and effectively absorbed within a few hours and temporarily stored by plants in freshwater.

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The JBL Substrates for Aquariums at a Glance

Following nature’s example we have a variety of substrates to choose from, and the following factors need to be taken into account when selecting the right substrate for aquariums.

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Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium

The JBL plant care concept leads to vigorous and healthy growth even with the most demanding aquatic plants. JBL has all the components you need, whether it’s a fertiliser, a bottom substrate or a fully automatic CO2 fertiliser system.

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Which is the Best Filter Media?

Special filter media can also be used to target and remove any problem substances, such as nitrate or phosphate, from the aquarium water. This table gives you an outline:

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Laboratory Comparator System to Compensate the Intrinsic Colour of the Water

Instead of comparing the colour change of the water on a colour scale, a second measuring glass with the aquarium water is put on the colour field of the colour chart.

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