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Japaner mögen keine Tests – und testen 300 x am Tag

Das war die verrückteste Unterhaltung, die man sich vorstellen kann! Einige berühmte Koizüchter im Raum Ojiya zeigten zunächst bei der Vorstellung der Wassertest-App JBL ProScan kein Interesse. Sie erkennen die Wasserwerte am Befinden ihrer Koi – war die erste Reaktion!

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Autumn Feeding – Preparing your Pond Fish for the Winter

If you take the right steps now your fish will survive the winter, the low water temperatures and the ice cover on your pond, and stay fit and healthy. They even will be spared the dreaded spring viraemia.

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Everyone’s thrilled with JBL LEDs

At 8 am on August 3, 2018 the first JBL LED lights left the JBL factory in Neuhofen and by August 5 the first pet shop shelves had them on display. For the first time aquarium enthusiasts were delaying their purchase to wait for a JBL product to be in stock.

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JBL Japan Expedition 2019 with extra days in the jungle and at the coral reef

Popular demand has led JBL to expand their program for the JBL Expedition. On arriving in Tokyo there’ll be a city tour, and then we’ll head on to Nikko, where we will visit some cultural sights and go snorkelling in a clear mountain stream.

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More volts means more power

The undergravel heating cables JBL ProTemp b40 and b60 now come equipped with a 24 volt transformer. The 24 volt version is more reliable than a 12 volt version, as long-term tests have shown.

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Degrading nitrate is not as easy as you think

Developing a filter material to counteract algae-promoting nitrate (NO3) is no easy matter. Bacteria only degrade nitrate when the oxygen content in water is practically non-existent and carbon is present as a food source for them.

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JBL Receives The Coveted Trophy

Although we didn’t have much luck in the World Cup, JBL has been awarded the “Trophées Animal Challenge 2018“, the most coveted trophy for “aquarium and pond food” in France for the first time.

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JBL Geburtstagstorte für das bissigste Tier im Sealife Speyer

Zum 15. Geburtstag des Sealife Centers Speyer sollte auch die seit 8 Jahren dort lebende Grüne Meeresschildkröte Marty einen Leckerbissen bekommen. JBL sponserte eine passende Torte aus Krabben und Gemüse, bei der Karotten die Kerzen darstellten.

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Haie sind die besseren Delfine

sagte Haiforscher Dr. Erich Ritter den Teilnehmern des JBL Hai-Workshops auf den Bahamas in seiner ersten Vorlesung. Haie zum Frühstück und Mittag stand sechs Tage lang auf dem Programm – jedoch nicht auf dem Teller, sondern frei im Meer.

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JBL Ferropol Root – How To Fertilise Roots Properly

Plant experts like Christel Kasselmann have told us in conversation that a lot of plants have their growth inhibited by a nutrient deficit in the root area.

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