JBL Frost Protection for Living Bacteria

Bacteria really are sensitive little chaps: in summer they don’t like temperatures above 35 degrees and in winter they die when they catch a frost. That’s why all liquid products with living bacteria cultures ( JBL Denitrol , JBL FilterStart , JBL BactoPond , JBL Nano-Start and JBL StartKit ) receive a special procedure in winter from JBL:

In the months December to March the specialist shops need to order at least three packaging units so that the JBL logistics center can protect their bacterial products with a 4 centimetre strong styroform insulation. But this packaging only helps in Germany and its surrounding countries when the transport doesn’t exceed 48 hours. Temperatures below -5 °C and permafrost lead to a stop in delivery. For more remote export countries the delivery of JBL Denitrol will generally even stop for the months December to February. After all good and effective bacterial products need special treatment – otherwise they don’t work!

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