Everyone’s thrilled with JBL LEDs

At 8 am on August 3, 2018 the first JBL LED lights left the JBL factory in Neuhofen and by August 5 the first pet shop shelves had them on display. For the first time aquarium enthusiasts were delaying their purchase to wait for a JBL product to be in stock. Although no one spent the night outside a pet shop to be the first in line next morning as with Apple products, this was a sensational success. The initial feedback from aquarium owners who have installed JBL LED lights in their aquariums validates JBL’s R & D department's decision to wait so long before launching genuine aquarium LEDs. Only the combination of full spectrum with high PAR value (photosynthetically active radiation) makes an LED ideal for a planted aquarium. Special praise goes to JBL for ensuring that the JBL LED SOLAR Natur comes completely equipped with a remote control and adjustable light temperatures so that nothing has to be purchased separately. The whole JBL team is pleased that the new JBL LED lights have made their hobby aquarium a little easier and a little more professional!

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